Consign with Ferrari Beverly Hills

Your Ferrari will never lose its charm, but your garage will eventually run out of space. If a fresh model is calling your name and it’s time to clear out the space, then today is the day to place your car in the capable hands of Ferrari Beverly Hills. Skip the headache of vetting buyers and the uncertainty of private party selling, and allow us to find your former flame a new caretaker.

Consignment with Ferrari Beverly Hills pays dividends:


Consign showroom.jpg

Achieve the greatest return by selling at the best market value

While a trade-in or wholesale transaction will make for a quick sale, it will also leave money on the table.

Our Sales team will conduct a market analysis and propose a fair market price to list your vehicle at.

Ferarri Car Wash.jpg

Our service team will prepare the car for market

After completing the initial inspection, service report, and recall status we can recommend any reconditioning that will benefit the sale.

Then, it will be professionally detailed before residing in our showroom

We will put our skills to work


Armed with a state-of-the-art photography studio and a highly trained photographer we are capable of producing professional quality photos, video, and immersive 360° media to elevate the appeal of your car to a whole new level.


In-person showings with experienced sales personnel to highlight everything that’s amazing about your car


We offer services to ease buyer’s experience, such as financing, Certified Pre-owned, and warranty extensions


We’ll handle all the paperwork and logistics

Ready to take the next Step?

To learn more about consigning your car with Ferrari Beverly Hills visit our showroom, call our sales team or complete the form directly on the website.